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Hello! Welcome toSassy's Wee Folks World!! I love the world of Fairys, Elves, Pixis, Mermaids, The Good Folk and all the creatures of The Relm!! From a young age I believed in many things unseen! You see, I am visually imparred, according to the rest of the world! But a strange thing happened!! I learned that there is more in the world than just what you can See by Looking!! You must See by Believing! So, I choose to believe in all sorts of things-- the only criteria is that they be Wonderful!!!
If you are like minded, or just need a bit of joy and wonder in your life-- Welcome Home!! You have found your Muse's Playgropund!! Have fun, smile and dare to explore the unknown!!!


Friday, February 13, 2009

Hay-- new Wallpaper!

Hay there!!! Someone is decorating the place for me!!! Yeeee Haw!!!!! Look at our new Wallpaper!!! How pretty!!!My little fairy at the hedder is gone-- bet we are going to get a new one!!! Maybe I will put in the Wingstress Shop!!! Yup-- think so-- at least for now!!
Thanks-- mystery decorater!!!


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Mantel Fairys moving in!

Today we installed our fireplace mantel! We bought it 32 years ago-- before we even hod a house to put it in! It has been propped against vrious walls, in various houses since then! Today-- it got installed!!! I am so excited!! I think the Fairys are already at work putting in the fairy door!! In fact-- I swear I can hear tapping coming rom behind it already!!! Cool!!! It looks beautiful!!


Saturday, February 7, 2009

Fairy Doors

Today I went out and found supplies for some of the Fairy Doors and Cottages I have in mind to make!! There are few doll house supplies in stores so guess I will start looking on line! Probably better prices anyway! LOL
Found one project I must get going on pretty soon!!! No-- not telling till it is done!! LOL
today I got a new fairy added to my family!! she is so beautiful and completely hand made!! Unfortunately she was not treated well in her last home!! She came to me with missing wings and a leg broken in two places!! Luckally. I will be able to fix her injuries!! The luck of being an artist-- I can repair some of it!! Anyway-- the min. I saw her on eBay I knew she was mine!! Guess she had to come to me so she would get well and be loved!!! And she is!! Her name? She has been too sick to tell me yet!! Maybe tomorrow!!
Got first edit on chapter 5 done today! Yay!!


What woud you do?

I bought this beautiful little fairy on ebay! It was described as being in excellent condition! When I got her she was broken in 2 places on one leg! It had been clumsily repaired-- even the armature in the leg had been removed! Then they added a feather boa that was glued around the leg at the breaks!! I only paid $15 for her-- and broken or not-- I ADORE HER!! She is not being sent back!!! I will repair her and give her wings-- which were missing!! the night I bought her I was up at midnight-- so I checked in on ebay -- fairies to see what was being sole!! She was almost at closing time and when I saw her face I knew she was mine-- regardless of price!!! No one bid against me at that time of night!!!
So-- I am looking for the best glue to glue polymer to polymer-- when I can't re-cure it!! Her clothes and hair are glued on and I have no idea what they used!! I took off the ugly boa and she is so much happier!! Now-- waiting for friends to tell me what glue to use!! Then new wings-- and my little Darlin will be fine! No re-sale value-- but I wanted her for me!!
Some would send her back-- but not me-- not this wee fairy!!! She looked at me and I knew she wanted to be mine!! Guess she knew I would make her well-- and loved!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Book update

The book is coming right along!! Thank God for Spell check!!!! Chapter 5 is written and most of it has had the first revision-- consisting of spelling, punctuation and general polishing! so far so good!!! I am happy with the way it is working out!!! Wonder how much more there is for this book? I already see at least one or two follow up books!! Oh my!!! Where is all this coming from? Wherever it is-- it is fun!!


Monday, February 2, 2009

I'm Sassy Again!!

OK Folks-- I am back to my Sweet Sassy self--LOL Anyway,
I had a good day today-- headaches and all!! I decided to start my own Fairy forum!! Not sure how that will work out-- but wanted to give it a try!! It is called Behind the Fairy Door! I think there are lots of folks who enjoy the fantisy part of Fairys and Wee Folk-- so thought I would start gathering some of them together for fun and frivolity!! I got a free Forum for now-- may upgrade later!!
Keeping this short-- got to go call my Darlin friend Desie-- and see if she wants to play with me on the Forum!!! I sure hope she does!!!! I love my Clay Pals group and know I can count on them!!!

Catch y'all tomorrow!!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Setting up Shoppe

Today I spent lots of time trying to set up my shoppe on blue fuzzy Slipper (from now on-- called FuzzB)!
Now I have to upgrade my Pqay Pal so I can have the check out and baskets and who knows what all!!
And-- I also have to renew my Master's Talents licens!!
And-- still need to find out if I can use that name on stuff but keep the new name as a subsiderairy or branch of Talents!
Wish someone could help me thru this stuff!! Sigh
Guess I will have to sketch my own hedders!! No one is getting back to me about helping with that-- and I know NOTHING about graphics!! So-- old school-- will sketch and water color my own pic then take a picture of it-- or scann it if I can get this darn scanner to work!!! I deleated a file and it hasn't worked since-- and I don't know what to put back or how!!

I am too old for this mess!!!-- ok enough bitching and sighing!!!
Will start again tomorrow!!! Tried doing it today with headaches all day-- dumb dumb dumb!!!
I will be my Sassy Self tomorrow!! Forgive the bad day!!